Hi! I am Emily, a.k.a. Busy Bee.

Busy Bee is a nickname I earned as a child. For a variety of reasons.

I drove my mom nuts asking for "Crafts" and "projects" to do. I had to resort to making my own stamps from cut potato halves. I begged for art supplies every Christmas. I lived for construction paper and glitter to put on top of Elmer's glue. Pipe cleaners were my best friend. Yarn was an accessory just waiting to happen. I loved creating. (My daughter doesn't realize how good she has it with my craft stash compared to the meager supplies I lived with in the 1970's!)

Re-arranging the furniture in all the rooms drove my mom nuts. Pulling out the picture drawer in the family room desk to sort and organize all the photos was a regular past-time for me. I cleaned the fridge and the walls when I got bored.

As a teen, I planned a party every month. We had dances and volleyball in the backyard. My creative cooking skills started as a teen, but really picked up steam when I left for college.

At college, I decorated the apartment. It was all blue and mauve and white ducks back then. (Shudder)

I continued planning parties in college, and was called to be the Activities Coordinator for the Institute at UVU. Every Friday I planned a dance or activity, including decorations and food. I was in my happy place.

When I got married at 23, I embraced domesticity. I had a roomful of crafts. My kitchen collection started to expand by leaps and bounds. My crafting and cooking skills increased and I realized that I was different than most of my friends. I was the "creative one" and they shook their heads in confusion at me. (grin)

Fast forward 3 years and I was pregnant and searching for baby names in one of those books that lists the meanings and origins of all names. I looked mine up. I was happily amazed to see what was listed under Emily.

English origin: Emily means "Industrious".

The symbol of industry is what? A BEEHIVE.

Other origins show it means Artistic. And Hard-working.

I was named well.

I really embraced my nickname at that point, and I started collecting beehives and bee memorabilia. (Because collecting is one of the things I DO well.)

2 years ago, I married the most WONDERFUL man. He truly gives me wings. He's so sweet, and he frequently leaves me little notes to tell me how much he loves the way that I decorate and make our home beautiful. That feeds my soul and gives me joy, because I love to CREATE BEAUTY. I'm a lucky girl...he even puts up with my stash of decorating and cooking "stuff".

So here is my blog to share some of what I love to do. The crafts, the food, the parties...etc.  And I figured I might as well name it "Adventures of a Busy Bee"!

Thanks for visiting!

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